“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”

– Joan Didion

In 2018, I was honored with the Excellence in Student Religion Reporting Chandler Award by the Religious News Association. Read one of my award-winning stories on the fate of Seoul’s “Baby Box” orphans.



My name is Paulina Cachero. I’m a freelance journalist and Editorial Fellow at MAKERS, a feminist media brand and the largest documentarian of groundbreaking women. I graduated from the University of Southern California majoring in Print & Digital Journalism with a minor in Communication Design. I am interested in using digital and multimedia to tell dynamic and engaging stories that have a positive impact.

I believe writing and producing stories about the different intersections of the human experience are key to inciting change in our world. I have reported on a range of topics from a formerly incarcerated man’s transition back into free society, to the shifting racial identity in South Central Los Angeles, to personal stories of how people came to be homeless in Skid Row. The people I’ve spoken to and the stories I’ve had the opportunity to tell have inspired my desire to tell stories that will incite social change or inform the public of the countless marginalized issues occurring today. I hope to achieve this through a variety of mediums including text, video, photos and more.


Please feel free to peruse through my work so far.