“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”

– Joan Didion



My name is Paulina Cachero. I’m a senior at the University of Southern California majoring in Print & Digital Journalism with a minor in Communication Design. I was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, but later moved to Tulsa where I spent a majority of my life. Now, I live as a nomad, splitting time between Los Angeles, New York, and now London.

I am interested in pursuing a career in digital journalism for social change and truly believe the future of journalism lies within digital media. I believe writing and producing stories about the different intersections of the human experience are key to inciting change in our world. I have reported on a range of topics from a former felon’s transition back into free society, to the shifting racial identity in South Central Los Angeles, to personal stories of how people came to be homeless in Skid Row. The people I’ve spoken to and the stories I’ve had the opportunity to tell have inspired my desire to write and produce stories that will incite social change or inform the public of the countless marginalized issues occurring today. The way digital media is being used to inspire people and to incite change on a massive scale is an incredible phenomenon. I hope to achieve this through a variety of mediums including text, videos, photos and more.

Please feel free to peruse through my work so far.

Or take a look at all the places I’ve traveled.

Oh, the places you’ll go!